The glamorous celebrities in high heels at The Fashion Awards 2017 in London

The British Fashion Awards 2017 gathered quite a lot of glamorous celebrities in high heels in London. Some were quite stunning and one stole the show.

As you can imagine, being Fashion Awards, the event was filled with guests in stunning outfits. There wasn’t a particular theme to the evening other than being at your fashion best.

And the celebs certainly took quite various and interesting roads to get there. Some were as daring as they could. Others opted for classic elegance. Then there were some who opted for a retro and unusual style.

But what was common was that there were little to no truly bad outfits. Or maybe we were just too focused on the best ones to see them? Who knows. What we do know is that there were quite a few stunning and glamorous celebrities in high heels at the British Fashion Awards 2017.

One particular celebrity stole the fashion show in our opinion. That is Rita Ora. She wowed us with our favorite type of style – elegant and provocative at the same time.

Rita attended the event in a stunning silver, mesh metallic gown with sheer side parts. The dress was well fitted to her body and reached the floor without any splits.

Still, the sheer sides provided for some elasticity and allowed for easier walking. Rita teamed the dress with a pair of elegant silver high heels. She looked stunning also thanks to her long hairstyle. Rita’s look is definitely one to remember.

Irina Shayk also wanted to make a mark. She rocked an even more provocative dress which had an asymmetrical style. It featured a long train and a white piece wrapping around.

The dress had a dangerously high split showing off Irina’s entire left leg which she further accented by playing around. She completed her look with a ponytail hairstyle and a pair of elegant silver high heels.

Hailey Baldwin on the other hand stuck to her traditional daring and provocative style. She opted for a tiny little black dress which was also quite tight and accented her toned body.

Hailey wasn’t done though. She also rocked a pair of daring platform high heels. Because one can’t ever be too daring, right?

Karlie Kloss though went the exact opposite way. She was as glamorous as ever in a layered Victorian’s style red dress.

The dress kept most of Karlie covered but showed enough of her elegant silver ankle-strapped high heels. She looked even more elegant thanks to her classy hairstyle.

Stella Maxwell also opted for something true and close to her personal style. She rocked an elegant jacket-like dress with slouched shoulders and a colorful insert at the top.

The same color pattern was also used on Stella’s black thigh high leather boots. Boots which also featured thin high heels and pointed toes for an extra daring look.

Selena Gomez on the other hand surprised us with her outfit. Lately she was rocking tight leather and daring dresses.

This time Selena opted for a very retro Victorian look complete with similar style white lace-up boots. She though kept her modern hairstyle and makeup composition. It was definitely an unusual look for Selena, but that isn’t bad.

Well, there were for sure quite a few other stunning celebrities in high heels at the Fashion Awards 2017 in London. But those few were our favorite ones. Who did you like the most?

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