The glamorous celebrities in high heels at the Vogue 95th Anniversary Party in Paris

Vogue celebrated it’s 95th Anniversary with a big party in Paris. It was attended by many celebrities in glamorous high heels and stunning outfits.

Some of them gathered quite a lot of attention thanks to their high heels. The high fashion fans would be pleased to see celebrities go for the latest trends, even if some of them doesn’t seem all that comfortable. Still, sometimes form is over function, right?

Anyway, here are some of the glamorous celebrities in high heels at the Vogue 95th Anniversary Party in Paris. They are worth checking out.

Rihanna was leading the trend of 60s high heels once again. The famous singer was rocking a pair of sky high platforms with thick heels and pastel colors. They were offsetting her long sheer dress rather well.

Zendaya was sticking with the more recent trends and had opted for a pair of white stilettos. They were as classic as they get and were complementing her sheer white dress which was more than unusual.

Lily Aldridge on the other hand decided to opt for a more revealing outfit. It featured short glittering golden dress and matching golden high heels with intricate straps.

Hailey Baldwin opted for a more stylish look with a long nude colored dress which had a generous slit on the left. Hailey’s high heels were a mix of nude color and gold with an ankle strap.

Suki Waterhouse had taken the mod high heels trend to heart, too. She rocked a pair of sky high footwear with very thick heels. They were bringing some extra edge to her glittering suit-dress.

Bella Hadid also opted for the more provocative look. She had chosen a short black dress with lots of transparent pieces on it. Her high heels were much more stylish, black with decorativeĀ golden zippers at the back.

Last and not least we have Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. They also had opted for the two different ends of the current trends. Gigi Hadid had gone for the 60s look with a fringe-ish colorful short dress and mod high heels with a thick platform. Kendall on the other hand had chosen a fitted long black dress and stylish ankle strapped high heels.

The Vogue 95 Anniversary Party showed us that the two trends – elegant high heels and 60s mod high heels and boots can coexist together quite well. This is good news, as it means even more room for fashion experiments and exploration.

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