The high heel celebrity of the year 2015 – Taylor Swift

This year was quite busy for Taylor Swift with her 1989 World Tour. Despite that 2015 was the year where Taylor really showed her love for high heels.

Most celebrities wear high heels because they have to. Either for official events or when on the set or on the stage. But Taylor also wear a lot of high heels in her own time and simply when out and about as we’ve seen several times this year alone.

Swift has become famous in the fashion world for her taste in all kinds of outfits, not shying away from the provocative looks, but also not afraid to be as casual as possible. During 2015 though she started to wear quite a lot more high heels than usual. It is being said it is because of her boyfriend, the DJ Calvin Harris who loves high heels. We think though it is mostly because Taylor simply loves heels herself.

She has shown se has great taste in that area too. She keeps it sensible with often wearing booties with chunky heels for more comfort. At the same time, she’s not afraid from the sky high killer heels, either and often rocks them for events.

Her “1989” concert outfits also consists of quite a few pairs of high heels, made especially by Stuart Weitzman. She also loves to dance. Here are some of the most memorable high heel moments of Taylor Swift for 2015. Also, don’t miss out our top 20 pictures of Taylor Swift in high heels.

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