The high heel mistakes everyone makes

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Millions of women wear high heels every day and quite a lot of them are in pain and discomfort. They think this is normal, but it is the result of mistakes.

Mistakes that most women do and don’t even realize them. These mistakes often are the reason for your discomfort while wearing high heels. The good news is, that they are fixable. Bustle even has some of the tips that show how easy it is and what those mistakes actually are.

We’ve covered some of them before, but this is a good reminder that it is something you shouldn’t simply dismiss. It can make a big difference and you can actually start to enjoy walking in high heels. Believe us, it is worth it.

The most obvious mistake is the way you walk in high heels. Sure, it gets you there, but are you actually walking properly in those heels? Heel-to-toe is just one thing. Your posture is also very important. Shoulders up, belly in, body relaxed and flowing with the rhythm of your steps. Here’s more on how to walk properly in high heels.

Then comes the question of whether you are actually wearing the right type of high heels for you. Sure, we all love those thin stilettos, but they take some getting used to. Ultimately, they might just not be the type for you. Try out various types of high heels and see which ones feel and work best for you.

Are you sure you wear the right size? Many women buy a size too small thinking the shoes will become looser with time. Others feel afraid their feet will look too big for some reason. Some buy shoes that are too big, just because they are on sale. For shoes that are too small, you could try and expand them or make them fitt better, but ultimately it is better to get the right size. For shoes that are too big, you can add gel pads and cushions to improve the fit. There are many other ways to make your high heels fit better.

Another often mistake is wearing only one type of heels. Sure, you look great in them, but you are setting yourself up for future disasters when you finally do change your shoes. Instead wear different types of heels and shoes often. This will keep your feet in better shape. When you do spend an entire day in heels, make sure to take breaks every couple of hours, even take the shoes of for a few minutes if you can.

And in the end, try to not think about how scared you are about something happening while you rock your heels. Instead, try to feel and project confidence. Walk confidently and gracefully and enjoy it.

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