The high heel trends during the 2017 London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter

The 2017 Autumn/Winter London Fashion Week is over. The trends are in and they are quite interesting. Will you have to change your high heel wardrobe, too?

Chances are, you won’t. Yes, the main trends for high heels at the 2017 London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter were a return to the classic.

This means the good old elegant thin high heels. Most of them are with pointy toes which is also a long-standing heel trend staple.

What’s new is that the heels and boots follow the other major trend. This is jewels and other shiny accessories on the clothes. So, if you have boots and heels with some studded jewels on them or boots with shiny steel-like toes, you are all set! Lace-up boots, are also back. Low booties are also here, as always. Thigh high boots are also here, but the focus is a bit lower on them.

What’s new about the overall trends are the long, flowing skirt. Most of them are the classic mermaid style – fitted to about the knees and then flaring out.

The interesting part is that the clothes trend is “modest”. They look even a bit conservative. It’s weird, since leather and other more “posh” fabrics are also dominant. It’s left to the shoes and high heels to add that modern glamorous touch to show off that you are in fact in tune with the latest trends.

So, basically, if you have stylish and a bit glamorous high heels that are not over the top too much, you are all set for the trends. Here’s a good representation of the trends:

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