The high heel trends from the 2016 Paris Fashion Week

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The high heel trends from the 2016 Paris Fashion WeekThe 2016 Paris Fashion Week for Fall and Winter has concluded and it has shown us a lot of new high heel and fashion trends. Here are some of the best.

Balmain, Dior, Chanel, Valentino, Louis Vuitton and a lot of other fashion brands naturally took the stage to present their new collections. The trends? Well, they are once again pretty spread out. It seem that this year the fashion world is opting for freedom instead of focusing on a particular style.

Last year, everyone thought 60s mod boots and chunky high heels will be all the rage. While these styles did enjoy some popularity, they were nowhere close to the huge hits they were expected to be. So now it seems that the designers are more cautious about setting big expectations for certain trends.

So, instead, simply take a quick look at the highlights from the 2016 Paris Fashion Week and discover the high heel trends.

Thin heel and high daring boots are a major choice for Balmain:

Elie Saab has gone for a wide variety of high heels. For any and all tastes.

Valentino had a more restrained collection, but still very beautiful.

Louis Vuitton was on the other end on the spectrum. A very vibrant collection with a lot of colors, different materials and an edgy touch, including high boots.

Chanel also had opted for a more restrained, even retro look.

Dior’s collection is a mixture of restrained looks and daring choices. High heeled oxfords are the main choice.

Finally, Saint Laurent’s collection which was one of the most daring of them all. Highly glamoroush, leather, sky high heels, daring and provocative looks. If you want everyone to take notice, this is the collection.

So, yes. As you can see, there are lots and lots of options and choices for this upcoming season. This is great, finally the trends are not mandatory but simply guidelines. This is the freedom needed in the fashion world where everyone can wear whatever they like and feel the best and not be scolded for it “not being trendy”.

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