The high heels at the 2015 Beijing Fashion Week

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The high heels at the 2015 Beijing Fashion Week

The 2015 Beijing Fashion Week lived up to the expectations and provided us with some great styles to check out. Here are the high heels trends from the events.

The high heels trends at the 2015 Beijing Fashion Week were eye-catching. Most of the designers have chosen to incorporate classic Chinese styles with modern trends. Thus you could see models in very traditional looking outfits paired with sky high heels with thin ankle straps or stilettos and so on. Some though decided to opt for bare feet…

There were also some futuristic looks paired with chunky heels, thick platforms. Usually the heel heights are are in the 4s- and 5-inches.

There were awards, too.

Sadly the coverage is not that big from the 2015 Beijing Fashion week, which some call the China Fashion Week as well. Still we could see that the high heels trends over there are also very intresting. Overall it shapes up to be a great year for the lovers of high heels all over the world.

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