The High Heels Fail compilations of 2014

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As much as we love high heels, we also admit that they bring their fair share of fails. Some of these fails can be quite spectacular if you are not careful. So you may end up in a high heels fail compilation.

We’ve chosen a few high heels fail compilations videos from throughout the year. It is important to be able to look at yourself with some irony from time to time and have a laugh.

Also it is a nice way to learn from mistakes and correct them. For example most of those fails come from being too fiddly, rushing or simply not following some basic rules. But enough teaching. It is time to relax.

Here are some of our favorite

High heels fail compilations of 2014

Be warned that some of the clips feature a bit of a bad language.

The second clip is more runway oriented, though some videos may already be familiar to you.

The third compilation is a bit more thematic.

And finally, a more random compilation of failing girls. With the occasional high heels fails, too.

The important thing is to have some fun and have a great New Year. Happy New Year!

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