The high heels trends at the 2015 New York Fashion Week

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The high heels trends at the 2015 New York Fashion WeekThe 2015 New York Fashion Week showed us a decent amount of new high heels along with the outfits. Lets see what high heels you will be wearing this year.

The main focus here is the 2015 Fall and the 2015 Winter seasons. The 2015 Spring and Summer collections have already been shown at the New York Fashion Week which is also known as the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

So what are the high heels trends at the 2015 New York Fashion Week

We begin with the full show of Charity Water and the Fall 2015 collection of QUYNH Paris. After a year of chunky high heels in 2014, for 2015 things are slowly getting back to normal. Stilletos and low platforms are the weapon of choice for Charity Water. Booties with thin heels too. QUYNH also goes for some high heels with straps and open toes. The preferred colors are black and nude.

DAIKU SHIMIZU on the other hand also shows some 60s style boots which are already predicted to be sort of a trend for Fall 2015. They also put some focus on low-cut booties.

Ophelia Song goes stylish with stiettos, low platforms and strappy heels. Their color of choice is mainly nude.

Mark & Estel also goes for a more toned down look for Fall 2015. At least as far as the high heels go. Their choices are classic booties, knee high boots, pumps. The heels are mainly high and thin with the occasional chunky one.

Then we have the Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief show. The supermodel icon showed of her collection which featured everything you can think of and then some. So if you want to be a stand out with your Fall 2015 outfits and high heels, look no further.

If red is of particular choice, you should check out the Go Red for Women collection. It features lots and lots of great dresses (all in red) that are in for Fall 2015.

The street style at the 2015 New York Fashion week, aka the 2015 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is also worth checking out. Here is a great video in which the ladies walk you through their outfits. Complete with some great high heels and boots.

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