The high heels trends at the 2016 Milan Fashion Week

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The high heels trends at the 2016 Milan Fashion Week
Image credit: Prada

The Spring Summer 2016 Milan Fashion Week has showed us a lot of how the fashion world will look next season. The high heels will also be quite awesome.

The trends during the Spring Summer 2016 Milan Fashion Week are slightly different than what we have seen so far. In typical Italian high fashion style, the glamour and the daring shapes and colors dominated the runways of most designers. If you like bright colors for your outfits, then you will be pleased with these new trends.

As for the high heels, they will follow similar tracks, too. Prada for example is banking on the established from other fashion weeks trends for strappy high heels. In this case though, the heels are very colorful, often using several different colors one a single strap.

Gucci is going all out. The entire collection of the popular fashion house is going for daring and colorful as possible. This transfers to the high heels, too. They are all shapes and sizes. From sensible oxfords, to towering platform stilettos. There are lots of color combination on one pair as well.

The Moschino collection on the other hand is simply… unusual. It has been inspired by road workers with high-visibility jackets. This… trend follows the entire collection and even the shoes. They are bright, pointy high heels with several colors.

Up for something more classic and restrained? Here is the new Fendi collection. It is much more likely to be seen on the high fashion streets. The high heels are back with full force. They are various shapes and sizes, mostly thin and high, suitable for every taste and occasion.

The bottom line is, that if you like variety, then the Spring and Summer season of 2016 will be one of your favorites of all time. It is anything goes as long as it is colorful, unrestrained and even a bit provocative. This means you are free to experiment and find that perfect outfit that will wow everyone around you.

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