The high heels trends at the Spring Summer 2016 London Fashion Week

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The Spring Summer 2016 London Fashion Week is just beginning, but it has already shown us some interesting trends including for high heels as well.

The high heels trends follow the ones we saw at the New York Fashion Week for Spring and Summer 2016. This means you will have much more freedom in the choice of footwear. You will be able to rock stilettos, platforms, wedges, thick heels, you name it.

Colorful materials and unusual shapes and designs will be another way to spice up your spring and summer wardrobe. This goes for high heels as well. Don’t be afraid to experiment as this upcoming season is giving you the opportunity to be free.

You may recall we’ve said time and time again ankle strapped high heels are still the celebrities’ favorite no matter the trends. This seems to finally transfer onto the runways, too as strappy high heels were an often sight at the first runways at the 2016 Spring Summer London Fashion Week.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Actually, it is good to see that the fashion world is following what the real world needs instead of always being the opposite.

The good thing about strappy high heels is that they give a whole huge world of possibilities for designs and materials.

Strapped high heels will look good with everything as you can see from the various collections.

So there you have it. The high heels trends from the 2016 Spring Summer London Fashion Week seem quite obvious. The ankle strapped high heels in all shapes, sizes, colors and fabrics are in. And you will be free to explore them and find the ones you like the most and work best for you. It is going to be a very interesting fashion season. One we have been waiting for a very long time.

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