The high heels trends from the Fall Winter 2015/2016 Paris Fashion Week

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The high heels trends from the Fall Winter 2015/2016 Paris Fashion Week

The Fall Winter 2015/2016 Paris Fashion Week gave us a glimpse on what to expect this season. Expect quite a daring selection of outfits and high heels.

We’ve looked around at the Paris Fashion Week shows and have gathered quite a good impression of what the main trends are going to be. But instead of simply telling you, why not show you. Here we go.

We begin with the Julien Fornie Fall Winter 2015/2016 fashion show. This collection features a little bit for everybody but with an unique touch. Leather, velvet, satin are the materials of choice as is impeccable style and retro-classic lines and shapes. The high heels are quite high, mostly with thin straps and straight nearly chunky heels at the very back.

Dior on the other hand is a bit more restrained this time around. The outfits are clean with little to none extra accessories and details. The high heels of choice are also very, very low, very chunky.

Chanel is somewhere in the middle. The new outfits are also with a restrained look, but with a lot more accessories and patterns. The high heels follow this trend for example with a blend of a cut-in-half bootie at the front that transitions into an ankle strapped high heel at the back.

Elie Saab has opted for a more sparkly design which is something we’ve grown to expect. The trend transitions to the high heels as well. They are sparkly, pointy and high.

Now for Versace. Arguably one of the best collections at the Fall Winter 2015/2016 Paris Fashion Week at least according to us and our focus on footwear. The expected 60s mod boots are here! Pastel colors, shiny, sexy, paired with equally attractive outfits. Too much for you? There are also strappy platforms with mod heels.

Looking for pure elegance? Ralph & Russo have you covered. Their collection is all about style and elegance including the high heels which are shiny, high and with classic shapes with slight details here and there.

Giambattista Valli is opting for a mixture of elegance, extravagance and style. The end result is quite a few interesting outfits. All paired with strappy high heels.

Overall the high heel trends from the Fall Winter 2015/2016 Paris Fashion Week are what we expected – mostly classic styles, restrained looks with the occasional 60s mod hype and mod boots. In the end it doesn’t seem like anyone would fault you for wearing whatever is that you may like.

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