The high heels trends from the Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015

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The high heels trends from the Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015The Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015 gave us quite a lot of new collections to look forward to. Amongst them were also the high heels trends which we check out.

The fashion shows during Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015 revealed some more info on what high heels trends there will be during Fall and Winter 2015. It is looking good and promising actually.

The high heels trends from the Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015

Roberto Cavalli is focusing mainly on ankle booties. They come in mostly darker colors, but animal prints are also an option. For the official dresses the hels are mainly with thin straps, very discrete and feminine.

Armani is following a similar trend. Their high heels are also with lots of straps, mainly thin and discrete although there is also a wider choice of heels with thicker straps too. It is not surprising to see some ankle booties as well. They are with a cleaned up design, well fitted along the feet and no extra accessories on them.

Versace is going for a more bolder look during Fall and Winter 2015. They will rely on brighter colors, chunky high heels with platforms and shiny details in them. Calf and even thigh high boots will also be trendy. The main choice seems to be in both ends of the spectrum – either very discrete suede thigh high boots or bright red patent thigh high boots for the more bolder ladies. Heels with thicker ankle straps are another option from Versace.

Prada on the other hand is relying on a more restricted look in their Fall 2015 collection. This translates into the high heels as well. Most of them are with low and/or chunky heels. There are also a few wedges.

Salvatore Ferragamo is going mainly for strappy high heels. And we do mean strappy. It looks really busy around the feet with lots of details, straps, buckles and various materials including fur.

The main high heels trends from Fendi are booties. Lots and lots of booties. They are mostly with cleaned up design, but you will also be able to choose from bootes with seemingly halfwedge heels and more various materials. Thick and tall heels are the main choice of Fendi.

Then we have Moschino. They are going all out for their Fall and Winter 2015 collections. Quite a lot of attention was drawn to their over-the-knee boots with thin heels, bold colors and lots of details. Moschino is also liking sneaker-like high heels, heels from the 60s, but happily the main choice are thin heels and not chunky ones. Overall if you want to look apart from the rest, you will find a pair of heels here.

Naturally some high heels designer also took part in the Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015. One of them was Casadei. And the news are more than good. There is a wide variety of high heels and boots in all shapes and sizes. Thin high heels are predominant and there is almost no trace of chunky heels.

Giannico on the other hand is relying on an even bigger variety. They will offer chunky heels in their Fall 2015 collection, but they are not simple chunks but look like prisms. As Casadei, Giannico is also experimenting with lots of materials, even furry pumps.

If after all you do prefer low chunky heels, don’t be sad. Fratgelli Rossetti is cateing the major part of their collection especially for you. It is inspired but the 1970s street fashion.

We have to say that the Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015 was one of the most interesting so far. It certainly set an very interesting tone for this fall not only in high heels trends, but for the entire fashion industry. We are also looking forward to see what the Paris Fashion Week will show us, so stay tuned.

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