The high heels trends from the Paris Fashion Week 2015

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The high heels trends from the Paris Fashion Week 2015The Paris Fashion Week 2015 for Fall and Winter provided us with a final glimpse of the high heels trends that await us. It is shaping as a good season.

So far we have covered the high heels trends from the 2015 Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, the London Fashion Week and the Milan Fashion Week. The Paris Fashion Week 2015 is the last one in the series and then designers will be off to start working for the Spring/Summer 2016 collections which they will show off later this year.

The high heels trends from the Paris Fashion Week 2015 for Fall and Winter basically confirmed what we’ve already seen on the other events. The main trends are that thin high heels are back. Chunky heels tried their best in the 2014 season but were not meant to be. With that being said though, the 2015 season will differ that it will allow quite a big variety in styles. So, even if thin high heels are the main trend, no one will fault you if you opt for chunky heels.

The main high heels trends from the Paris Fashion Week 2015

Naturally H&M is opting for lots of variety. Even though it seems that one of their main choices are relatively chunky heels and knee high boots. They can be with pointy toes, round toes, leather, suede. You name it.

Isabel Marant is putting booties on notice. Most of her outfits were presented paired with black leather ankle booties with buckles, laces and thicker heels.

Elie Saab has opted for more variety. The fashion house is also putting focus on booties and boots. They have leather booties with open toes, knee high suede boots with clean design.

Guy Laroche on the other hand still believes thicker heels will have e chance. Their outfits were shown off with ankle booties with chunky heels and knee high boots with low block heels.

Mugler goes on the other scale. Thin high heels galore. There are all kinds. Very low cut booties that look almost like pumps, white and gold high heels, silver heels, open toes, ankle straps, you name it. Mugler is also sticking with the colder colors.

Pascal Millet is also opting for a huge variety. Their main choices are boots and booties. All kinds. We do really mean all kinds. From low cut ankle booties to crotch high boots covering almost the entire leg. Oh, and they almost all rock thin high heels.

Nina Ricci joins the thin high heels trends with their Fall and Winter collection shown at the Paris Fashion Week 2015. Here we can see classic pumps in all of the classic colors.

These are the high heels trends from the Paris Fashion Week 2015. Stay tuned for the street style from the events.

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