The impeccable style of Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge has managed to impress the fashion critics for years now by always opting for great outfits. Amongst them some high heels too.

On May 2nd 2015 Kate Middleton gave birth to her second child. Less than 12 hours after labor she made her appereance to present her daughter to the world and again looked great. She wore a dress by one of her favorite designers Jenny Packham paired with high heels.

Kate Middleton is for sure a big fan of high heels. She kept wearing her heels all the time even when pregnant. This is another confirmation that high heels are not bad for pregnant women.

“She’s got such a great figure that she can really show her legs, she can show her figure even though she’s got the bump. But I also think that Kate’s a young woman of her time and now the trend is really not to wear big voluminous kind of tent-like dresses, it’s much more about celebrating your pregnancy, feeling attractive even while you are pregnant,” says Emily Zak, Porter magazine’s executive fashion editor, quoted by International Business Times.

Kate is also very popular with the young crowd. Many young women look up to her for fashion ideas and it is no surprise that whatever Middleton wears often turns into a best seller very quickly. Thus designers would love to have something from their collections to be worn by Kate.

Middleton though keeps a formal taste. You can’t see her in leggings, flats or other casual wear. She always opts for tailored coats and designer high heels, often from Jimmy Choo.

“I think it is really interesting that she’s making some different choices than she did in her first pregnancy and I’ve noticed first and foremost she is a bit more confident, a bit bolder, more figure-hugging, more colour, bolder designers, stronger choices overall,” said Zak.

It is no surprise that Kate favors British brands and designers. You can often see her in Alexander McQueen, Jenny Packham, Matthew Williamson, Alice Temperley and Emilia Wickstead.

“We of course would love to see her wear more British fashion and to embrace more of our designers, but she does a great job and of course has such an incredible international profile and influence that it is very important that she is wearing our designers,” says Caroline Rush, Chief Executive of the British Fashion Council.

Porter Magazine for example says Emilia Wickstead and Alexander McQueen suit Kate very well. These are modern, tailored and elegant brands that suit Kate’s character well.

But Kate also likes to show you can look good with off the shelf clothes too. During a visit to the TV studios of Downton Abbey the Duchess wore a £69 ($100) cream tailored coat from high street chain store Jojo Maman Bebe. Last month during a visit to a children’s centre in London, she wore a polka dot dress costing just £35 from online clothing store ASOS.

You can be sure that Kate Middleton will continue to impress. And we will be on the look out for great ideas from her.

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