The Loub Job becomes popular with high heels lovers

According to dr. Levine a Loub Job is hyaluronic acid injected into your foot under fluoroscopic guidance. “I’ve seen amazing results injecting it into the first joint of the big toe in patients with painful arthritis”, she adds.

Usually this procedure is preferred to surgery. The most common problem is being unable to move the big toe up and down. This makes wearing high heels very difficult.

“The Loub Job restores lubrication and some of the lost cushioning to the joint. The procedure is performed on many young active patients men and women who have pain in the first joint of the big toe. Range of motion of the joint is increased. Pain in and around the joint is decrease. And this often lasts for months”, dr. Levine says.

She is the brain behing the Loub Job. She relied on her 30 years as a podiatrist and her great knowledge on almost every foot malady. She says women are able to exercise more and able to wear high heels again. They have a better range of motion and more strength in their big toe and can actually bear weight on the toe. There is usually pain relief and increased mobility, which feels great, dr. Levine adds.

She says there is a little bit of pain while performing the procedure, but there is a topical anestetic  and cooling spray to reduce pain. The great thing is that you are able to walk out of the doctor’s office wearing your killer heels almost immediately. Actually you are advised to walk an exercise as soon as possible.

One syringe costs 500 dollars and lasts for a few months. It depends on the foot really. Dr. Levine says anyone with pain in a joint, with a painful bunion, rigid toe, or painful ankle can benefit from the Loub Job.

She says quite a few celebrities have undergone a Loub Job and are pleased with the results. She though can’t say which celebs due to the doctor-patient confidentiality. We do know Kim Kardashian has done it though since she has said so.

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