The most crazy, daring and stunning outfits and heels celebrities rocked for Halloween 2017

Halloween is always a time of the year where celebrities can really let go and explore their creativity to the fullest. The resulting outfits are often impressive.

This year Halloween was as busy as ever with tons of stunning celebrities in crazy, daring and even elegant outfits. You could see pretty much everything as there was no clear winner.

Surprisingly, we didn’t see celebs in a Wonder Woman costume despite it being one of the most sought after this year. It seems celebrities don’t want to follow the trends, but to set them.

As always, most of the Halloween parties were actually in the days before. Some for sure will be this weekend as well. So, here’s a selection of some of the best, most elegant, stunning, daring and simply unique celebrities during Halloween 2017.

Naturally the shoes were also a big part of the costumes. Celebs rocked some stunning heels and thigh high boots. The results were quite impressive as you’re about to see in the gallery below. So, enjoy.

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