The most popular high heel trends for spring 2016

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The most popular high heel trends for spring 2016
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Spring 2016 is almost here. It is time to start preparing for the new fashion season as well. Here are some of the most popular trends in high heels.

Of course, no one would fault you if you wear something different. Actually, most of the time it is better to break away from the trends and wear whatever makes you feel good.

This doesn’t mean that trends are bad, though. You can always get some great ideas thanks to them. This year there are quite a lot of trendy high heels to choose from. It means you will be spoiled for choice and free to make quite a lot of interesting combinations for your outfits.

The Herald Dispatch has made a compilation of the current most popular trends. We will share some of it and our own take on the shoes.

Block heels – still claimed by many fashion experts as the way forward. Yes, most women rarely wear chunky heels. The sole exception being cone heels.

High-heels mules – they can be quite comfortable and provide an interesting way of adding a stylish touch to a more strict outfit.

Striped heels are another new trend. Shoes with stripes could be a thing and provide for interesting outfit combinations.

The same goes for the peep-toe booties. You can even combine them with another trend – lace-up shoes. A pair of peep-toe lace-up booties will make all the difference and make an outfit look stylish and a little bit daring. Nice.

For those of you who prefer a little more eccentric footwear, there are two trends. One of them is embellished shoes. Pom poms, jewels, glitter, you name it. The other trend is metallic colors, metallic leather, heels, boots. Edgy, futuristic and for sure – eye-catching. Exactly the tools you need to grab the attention you deserve.

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