The shoes you need, according to Alessandra Ambrosio

Every woman needs at least five different pairs of shoes. Most of them should be high heels. What should they be? Alessandra Ambrosio has the answer.

Being one of the most famous fashion models Alessandra gets to wear countless types of shoes all the time. We do mean countless.Even short photoshoots can have a dozen of shoes that have to be worn for the different outfits.

Then there are all the events that she has to attend. With all of that happening you can be sure Alessandra knows what she is talking about when she says what are the five types of shoes every woman needs to have.

Recently she has posted her list on her blog for her line ale by alessandra. There she says the all women need a pair of classic black pumps. “This is a total no brainer. Every girl’s gotta own at least a pair of killer black pumps or so. These babies will be a total lifesaver to any outfit combo”, Alessandra writes.

The second pair is nude high heels. “We’ve mentioned before that a key trick to appearing like you have supermodel legs is with nude heels. This is best way to create the illusion and don’t be afraid, the higher the better!”, she adds.

Next up, wedges. “Ah, the perfect shoes for summer, when you’re stuck on #foreveronvacation mode and when you need a little height but a break from heels”, Alessandra writes.

Number four – black boots and booties. “Okay, we admit… this one was a bit tough to narrow down! We just couldn’t decide between booties or boots, it’s like a black pump, easy to wear and effortlessly cool”, she says.

Finally, Alessandra says you need Espadrilles aka flats. “The perfect laid-back, casual cool shoe for when you’re on the go, walking the dog, running errands and picking up the kids!” But keep in mind they aren’t that safe.

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