The Top 5 celebrities in high heels at the Inside Soap Awards 2015 in London

The Top 5 celebrities in high heels at the Inside Soap Awards 2015 in LondonThe Inside Soap Awards 2015 in London were a place where a lot of celebrities gathered and looked stunning. But some of them left a bigger impression.

The show was what you would expect from an awards show. The red carpet portion was also the usual, but there where some celebs that left a lasting impression and made us want to see them again. Some of them even made us gasp and say “wow, she is really wearing that? She’s brave!”

In the end we chose our Top 5 celebrities in high heels at the Inside Soap Awards 2015 that we loved the most. Or was impressed with the most. Either way, here they are. This time, ranked.

At Number 5 we have Charley Webb. She might have won the award for Best Affair and she also showed great fashion taste. A classic little black dress with long sleeves was slimming her figure and drawing attention to her long legs. She was also rocking a pair of black shiny patent high heeled booties with a platform for extra sexy punch.

At Number 4 is Sarah George. She had also gone for a little black dress, but with an open back and longer skirt. Sarah was donning a pair of purple-ish ankle strapped high heels with floral pattern and medium platform.

At Number 3 we have ranked Nikki Sanderson. She was looking very stylish with a medium length fitted red dress, showing off her curves and a little bit more than just that. Her glamorous outfit was completed thanks to a pair of black double strapped high heels.

At Number 2 we have Daisy Wood-Davis. She was rocking the event in a medium length fitted green dress and a pair of two-tone chunky high heels. They were with a medium platform and going for the mod high heels look that is trying to trend these days. Overall a pretty nice look for Daisy.

A-a-and Number 1! Jennifer Metcalfe who amazed and stunned the red carpet with her outfit. It was pretty much a fetish skin tight red latex dress that clung to her body and left little to the imagination… or sparked the imagination quite a bit… depending on which way you look at things.

Jennifer was also rocking a pair of matching shiny red high heels. They were featuring a transparent bit above the toes to make them seem even more cut-out and daring. Their pointy toes and killer stiletto heels were the cherry on top. It is no wonder why she won the Sexiest Female award at the Inside Soap Awards 2015. She also won that prize for the event itself.

That’s our list of the Top 5 celebrities in high heels at the Inside Soap Awards 2015. Stay tuned for more from the world of glamorous high heels and celebrities!

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