The top 5 fashion items for this fall

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The fall season is almost upon us and it is time to get properly prepared for it. There are five key fashion items that are top choices for this fall.

The official beginning of the fall season is Sept. 23rd, according to Extra. Parts of the fashion world have already gone into full fall mode, while in some other parts, summer is still hot both figuratively and literally. The fashion trends are somewhat mixed and split in the two opposite ends of the scale.

On one end are the more daring trends like patchwork coats, very furry shoes, 70s and 60s mod boots and high heels. They are great, but the would probably be a bit too much for the everyday lady. For her, there’s the other end with more classic and restrained fashion choices.

Thigh high boots will be big this fall once again. Relax, you can still get them with classic stiletto or even thicker high heels, but not a 60s look. The higher the boots, the better, though. Leather is the preferred fabric with suede as an alternative. The goal? To make your legs look like they go on for miles.

The over the knee boots will look great with another fashion trend for this fallĀ – button-front A-line mini skirt. It can be denim, suede and in all pastel colors. It can also be worn with strappy high heels, wedges, platforms. It is very versatile and perfect for casual outfits.

You can combine it with the third must-have item for this fall – a turtle neck or a mock neck top. Again it can be in various colors and fabrics. It can also be very fitted on your body, or very loose. It can be worn with skirts, pants and it is ideal for both casual outfits and tie-free days at the office.

These tops will work great with high-waisted flared jeans. They add the 70s look that will be so big this season, but don’t go overboard. Paired with a turtleĀ neck sweater or a silky shirt and high heels, they are a great outfit for everyday and for the office. Pretty much all high heels would work, but stick with the classics for the best effects.

Finally, there’s the high-waisted wide-leg trousers. They are a more stylish and official version of the jeans. Perfect to be worn for the office and when you want to look very stylish. Pair them with a low-cut blouse and stylish high heels.

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