The top celebrities in high heels at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards

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The top celebrities in high heels at the 2015 MTV Movie AwardsThe 2015 MTV Movie Awards gathered quite a lot of celebrities so being unique was even more important. A few celebs used their high heels to look apart.

The great warm weather in L.A. during the event also helped out as it allowed for the choice of high heels that you would not normally see being worn outside. Even if for just a few meters on the red carpet. But enough of that. Lets get on with what we are really here for.

The top celebrities in high heels at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards

We begin with the gorgeous Katherine McNamara. She attended the event in a body hugging green dress and gray high heels. Nothing too daring but overall a great look.

Katherine McNamara in high heels

Next up is Katie Stevens. He had opted for ankle strapped nude high heels to go with her white dress. Also a nice look.

Katie Stevens in high heels

Bella Thorne had chosen a short blue and purple drees with lots of details, but the real eye-catcher on her outfit was her high heels. They were purple with double ankle straps, open toes, thin heels and a slight platform. Nice.

Bella Thorne in high heels

Victoria Justice was sparkling both figuratively and literaly. She had opted for a sparkling dress and a pair of black but also sparkling high heels with very pointy toes.

Victoria Justice in high-heels

Next up is Bridget Regan. She had gone for a stylish simple look with a long fitted skirt and a pair of silver double anklestrapped high heels with a reasonalbe height.

Bridget Regan in high heels

We can always count on Reese Witherspoon to choose interesting high heels. Her choice for the 2015 MTV Movie Awards was no different. Her heels were almost melting from her hotness. Sofia Vergara on the other hand had opted for chunky high heeled Louboutin platforms with open toes.

Reese Witherspoon Sophia Vergara in high heels

Hailee Steinfeld decided to set herself apart by opting for a more unusual outfit. It was completed by her lace-up boots with a slight platform and chunky heels.

Hailee Steinfeld in boots

Emily Ratajkowski also gathered quite the attention. Maybe it had something to do with her black ankle strapped high heels? Probably not, but they did make her already long legs look even more slender.

Emily Ratajkowski in high heels

As we have said before, mod boots could be a new trend.Charli XCX decided to go before the trend and be one of the first to bring the 60s back.

Charli XCX mod boots

Syd Wilder was looking smoking hot in her yellow outfit that was focusing on her figure quite a lot. She had also chosen a pair of white Christian Louboutins with a generous platform and lots of, lets say, dots.

Syd Wilder in high heels

Maia Mitchell had gone for the classic body hugging little black dress with sleeves and a pair of black ankle strapped high heels. But she didn’t need anything more to look great.

Maia Mitchell in high heels

Jennifer Lopez had also gone for the simple look. Nothing too much, but sometimes less is more and as we can see it is a lot in this case.

Jennifer Lopez in high heels

You can trust Bai Ling to always put on a creative fashion show. She did so at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards too. It is difficult to describe what’s going on here, but we like it. We like her high heels too.

Bai Ling in high heels

Next up is Vanessa Marano. She had also opted for a pair of eye-catching white high heels with studs and an unusual cut-out shape.

Vanessa Marano in high heels

And last but not least we have Jillian Rose Reed. Her white high heels with straps and black motives were looking especially great paired with her dress and of course thanks to Jillian’s great legs.

Jillian Rose Reed in high heels

Those are the celebrities in high heels that caught our eyes at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards in L.A. Stay tuned for more from the world of high heels.

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