The top celebrities in high heels at the 2015 Oscars

The 2015 Oscars ceremony was the 87th annual. Naturally it was flooded with celebrities from all over the world. Most of them in their best high heels.

One of the expected problems with the 2015 Oscars is that most of the celebrities doned floor lenght evening dresses. They were looking great in them, make no mistake. The problem is that their high heels were hidden for most of the time. But happily there were a few possibilities for glimpses at the high heels some of the celebrities wore at the 2015 Oscars.

The top celebrities in high heels at the 2015 Oscars

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We begin with Jennifer Aniston. She wore a great long dress that was semi transparent (under the right angle) by Versace. Her bronze high heels featured thin ankle and toe straps but were nicey fitted.

Next up we have Nicole Kidman. She also doned a long dress with a metallic effect. The dress was made by Louis Vuitton. Nicole had opted for equally unusual high heels but not incredibly high. They were also chunky giving her quite a lot of balance and making them a bit easier to handle.

Scarlett Johansson also wore a Versace dress. It was so long her feet were covered the entire time. But as Scarlett walked the red carpet, you could catch a little glimpse at her high heels. They were black with toe and ankle straps. The heels in question were thin and high, just how Scarlett usually picks them.

Emma Stone on the other hand picked a more revealing dress made by Elie Saab. The dress gave a much easier look at Emma’s high heels. Stone had also chosen ankle straps as they are both sexy, trendy and comfortable. In this case they were made by Christian Louboutin and featured classic pump open toes. Naturally in a matching color to the dress. Nicely done.

Another of the overall most stylish and best looking celebrities in high heels at the 2015 Oscars was Rosamund Pike. Her long red dress by Givenchy Couture was paired by red high heels with very thin ankle and toe straps.

Jessica Chastain also gathered quite a few looks when she walked the red carpet. Her dark blue dress was quite revealing in all the right places. Jessica was also one of the celebrities that had opted for killer high heels. Naturally they were yet again with ankle straps. But they also had a platform at the toes.

Reese Witherspoon is an often participant in our lists for celebrities in high heels. At the 2015 Oscars it was no surprise to see Reese in a pair of high heels. Sadly her long dress kept them hidden for most of the time. But when we did manage to see them, they were silver with open toes and a small platform at the toes. We are also willing to bet that they were also with ankle straps. Any takers? No?

Louise Roe is our final entry for the celebrities in high heels at the 2015 Oscars. Her nice designer dress didn’t try to hide her high heels. Not surprisingly they were again with ankle straps. They were also high and thin.

So while fashion trends may say that chunky heels are “in”, celebrities say high and thin heels are the real deal and the ankle straps are preffered. Which one do you prefer?

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