The top celebrities in high heels at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards

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The top celebrities in high heels at the 2015 Teen Choice AwardsThe 2015 Teen Choice Awards were attended by a big number of celebrities from the entire entertainment world. So to stand out in your high heels was tricky.

But definitely not impossible. Quite a few celebrities managed to wow us with their outfits and high heels. We have chosen the best amongst them, at least the best for us that is.

The top celebrities in high heels at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards

We begin with the stunning Bella Thorne. She had chosen a pair of nude colored strappy heels with straps mimicking chains. They were complementing her fitted short dress.

Bella Thorne in high heels

Rita Ora has found yet another way to mix stylish outfits with something new and unusual. Like a pair of red clear platform heels with Egyptian motives.

Rita Ora in high heels

Sarah Hyland made the news when she tripped on a piece of the stage decorations on her way to the stage. But she in fact handled herself beautifully and skipped no beat even though she was wearing a pair of ankle strapped white high heels.

Sarah Hyland in high heels

We’ve been quite high on Victoria Justice for a while now and she continues to impress us. At the 2015 Teen Choice Awards Victoria had opted for a fringe-style fitted dress and a pair of golden Jimmy Choo high heels.

Victoria Justice in high heels

Shay Mitchell had chosen a fitted white dress, but her outfit was drawing the attention entirely to her long legs which were made even longer thanks to a pair of silver strappy heels.

Shay Mitchell in high heels

Teen favorite Nina Dobrev was also at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards. Her fitted colorful dress was completed by a pair of strappy black high heels with transparent bits on the straps to make them look like floating.

Nina Dobrev in high heels

Jordana Brewster also gets a shout out. Her lovely summer dress was upped a few notches by her sky high heels with thick straps which her long legs managed to offset rather well.

Jordana Brewster in high heels (left)

Lea Michele is another celebrity that we liked at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards. She was wearing a flaring short dress paired with red pumps. A simple, but very effective outfit.

Lea Michelle in high heels

We also quite liked Keke Palmer’s look. She was looking great from head to toes. From her hairstyle all the way to her strappy high heels.

Keke Palmer in high heels

This time we are saving the best for last. Zendaya was looking simply stunning in her two-piece outfit complete with her long skirt and black studded high heels.

Zendaya in high heels

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Those are our top celebrities in high heels at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards. Did we miss any even better? Let us know in the comments!

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