The top celebrities in high heels at the BRIT Awards 2015

The BRIT Awards 2015 are over and the winners are already thinking how to display their awards. At the event a lot of celebrities in high heels were present and ready to steal the show.

Unlike the 2015 Oscars Ceremony where long dresses were the main choice, at the BRIT Awards 2015 celebrities were a bit more loose with their outfits and didn’t rely just on the protocol. So their outfits were different and most of the times it was no problem seein their high heels. So lets check out

The top celebrities in high heels at the BRIT Awards 2015

It is probably of no surprise that Taylor Swift went home with an award yet again. It was also of no surprise that she wore stunning outfits at the event. For the red carpet Taylor had chosen a long dress by Roberto Cavalli that completely hid her feet. For her performance on the stage though Swift had gone for the exact opposite with an outfit that was all about her long legs and her Christian Louboutin booties.

Supermodel Karlie Kloss was in attendance and stunned with a long fitted white dress. Her high heels though were black and with straps that went around her toes, the arch of the foot and the ankle.

Michelle Keegan attended the BRIT Awards 2015 in a classlic little black dress paired with a funky looking green boxy purse. Her high heels were following the major trend of being with ankle straps. The shoes also had a small toe platform and a thin strap for the toes.

Ashley Roberts on the other hand had decided to be very bold. He came to the event in a short flaring dress that revealed quite a lot of ther legs. Ashley’s high heels were a pair of black mesh booties with no platform.

Daisy Lowe on the other hand had chosen to be classy and stylish. Her long fitted black dress reached just up to her ankles, revealing her black high heels with golden detailing. The thin stilettos were completing Daisy’s outfit perfectly.

Next up we have Laura Whitmore. She had chosen a very short but yet stylish yellow dress drawing the attention to her very long legs. They were even longer thanks to her killer heels that featured a medium toe platform and, you guessed it, ankle straps.

Cara Delevingne was also present at the BRIT Awards 2015. She had chosen a more restrained look with a shirt and a pair of pants. Her high heels though were another story. They were very high, with a generous platform at the toes and quite a few thick leather straps.

Finally, we have Charli XCX. Now we will admit that her dress is a bit love or hate and it is not one of the most stylish ones out there. But we can’t faluth Charli for her choice of high heels. They actually are quite stylish. They are black, suede and with a thin silver line going along their lower sides.

Well, those are the top celebrities in high heels at the BRIT Awards 2015. Our overall favorite is Daisy Lowe who was very elegant and stylish. Our favorite high heels though are the ones worn by Ashley Roberts. Which ones were yours? Lets us know in the comments below.

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