The top celebrities in high heels for April 2015

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The top celebrities in high heels for April 2015With the arrival of spring, the warmer weather allowed the celebrities to be even more creative with the choices of their high heels. Lets see the celebs that we liked the most for April 2015.

As any other month, April was pretty busy for most celebrities. Events, parties, filming clips, skits and movies. Everything is working on full throttle, including the selection of high heels.

The top celebrities in high heels for April 2015

As always we have no particular order. These are simply some of the celebrities in high heels that have left the biggest impression.

We begin with Gigi Hadid. The fashion model is becoming more and more famous and recently has shot a commercial for Maybelline. Gigi did a lot of running for that shoot and yet handled her sky high ankle booties perfectly.

Gigi Hadid in high heels

Next up we have Penelope Cruz on the set of Zoolander 2. Her red studded Christian Louboutin ankle booties were completing her red leather outfit quite well. It is a scene of the movie we already can’t wait to see.

Penelope Cruz in high heels

Christina Aguilera is coming back to the spotlight once again. At the NBC The Voice Season 8 red carpet, Christina came wearing hot red platform high heels that were making her overall casual outfit stand out.

Christina Aguilera in high heels

British TV presenter Tasmin Lucia Khan also gathered a lot of attention at the Omar Hassan Event in London. Her look was completed with a pair of strappy black killer platform heels.

Tamsin Lucia Khan in high heelsDakota Fanning was looking especially stylish at the premiere of Every Secret Thing in New York. Her classy look was completed by a pair of black platform high heels. It seems like platform heels were especially liked by most celebrities during April 2015.

Dakota Fanning in high heels

Anja Rubik also turned quite a lot of heads at the La Mania fashion show in Warsaw, Poland. She came in a long lace dress that was paired with ankle strapped sky high heels with golden details.

Anja Karolina in high heels

Becky G put everyone on notice when she came to the 2015 Billboard Latin Music Awards in a short revealing dress. Her daring look was completed with a pair of golden strappy high heels.


Gigi Hadid had quite the month as she celebrated her 20th Birthday. She had a lot of guests at her birthday party. Amongst them was Kendall Jenner who came in a stylish outfit completed by a pair of black leather lace-up ankle booties.

Kendall Jenner in ankle booties

Mary Elizabeth Winstead attended the Season 2 premiere of Silicon Valey. Her stylish outfit was completed by a pair of black mesh high heels.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in high heels

Sarah Jessica Parker was amongst the guests for the opening of the Whitney Museum of American Art. Sarah came in a fitted dress and a pair of snake skin patterned high heels.

Sarah Jessica Parker in high heels

Sofia Vergara showed how much she loves high heels when she went out in Beverly Hills in a pair of sky high blue platform high heels. Nice.

Sofia Vergara in high heels

Next up we have Rosario Dawson. She went to the premiere of Daredevil in a nice long dress that was paired with matching strappy high heels. Nicely done.

Rosario Dawson in high heels

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley turned quite a few heads at the Burberry “London in Los Angeles” event in L.A. She wore a very short dress that revealed a lot of her legs. They were looking even more slender thanks to her nude colored ankle strapped high heels.

Rosie Huntingon-Whiteley in high heels

Our next choice is Kimberley Garner. She was at the launch of Oasis & the Victoria & Albert Museum collaboration and was looking very stylish. Her fitted outfit was completed with a pair of brown ankle booties.

Kimberley Garner in ankle booties

Kelsea Ballerini was looking stunning at the 50th Academy of Country Music Awards in Texas. Her fabulous outfit was finished with a pair of ankle strapped high heels.

Kelsea Ballerini in high heels

Finally, since her 20th Birthday was this month we have an extra bonus mention for Gigi Hadid. Here she is heading to a photoshoot. Note, this is her own outfit, not the one for the photoshoot. Now that’s what we call an everyday outfit.

Gigi Hadid in boots

Those were our favorite celebrities in high heels for April 2015. Stay tuned for more of the world of glamorous high heels.

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