The top fashion trends for Autumn and Winter 2019

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The top fashion trends for Autumn and Winter 2019
Image credit: Flickr(CC) / julie-robertson

The Autumn is arriving fast. At least in the Northern Hemisphere. This means it’s time for a wardrobe change once again. So, what are the latest trends?

Well, let’s check them out. We’ve taken a tour around popular media, fashion blogs and sites. Here are the results.

Some of these items are already in the shops, too. Others are going to join them in the coming weeks. And chances are you already have the rest in your wardrobe.

If we go around the catwalk fashion shows, then the trends are loose-fitting clothes, pastel colors in the purple region and puffers. Lots of it all.

Purple in particular is shaping up to be a big staple for the time being. It’s dominating the latest fashion collections in various shades. It’s THE color for autumn 2019 and chances are it will stick around as a top choice for a while after that.

The floral styles enjoyed a lot of attention this summer. This will continue into the autumn, but with a twist – gothic style outfits, but with a floral print. This will be… interesting.

Puffed-up shoulders in a Victorian style and even more daring are trying to climb up the ladder of popularity. While they can indeed look impressive, it will take a lot of careful outfit planning, to pull such a look off. So, proceed with care!

Another top trend will be the supersized bags. Women love their handbags and after the difficult times with the mini-bags and carry-ons, it’s time for a much needed change. Big bags are coming back and this means you can finally carry more stuff with you as before. Just be careful not to overload them and go easy on your shoulders and elbows.

Another thing that is going back go being big, are shoe platforms. Disco-style platform shoes are coming back, but a bit restrained. This means your typical autumn, brown bootie with a comfy block heel, but also with a thick platform at the toes. Deep puddles ain’t got nothing on you anymore!

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