The top high heel trends at the 2016 New York Fashion Week

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The top high heel trends at the 2016 New York Fashion WeekThe 2016 Fall Winter New York Fashion Week has passed and the high heel trends are in. Let’s see what we will be wearing this coming seasons!

Once again, the trends are vastly opposite, depending on each designer’s vision. One thing is sure, though. The daring looking shoes are in, but most of them will continue to be very sensible!

Some designers, like Marc Jacobs, are bringing back the mod high heels for one more go. These heels didn’t really catch on last year, but they are still trying to make it happen. To be honest, we are not all to sold on them, either.

Ralph Lauren on the other hand was much more sensible. His collection featured a wide array of booties and high heels with low heels, chunky heels, thin heels, small platforms, you name it. The key word was that all heels were great to walk in. Lauren also reintroduced the idea of wearing glamorous evening dresses with high boots.

Calvin Klein also stuck to the classics – including ankle-strapped high heels or very low shoes.

Michael Kors also keeps the sensible trend.

For those that want something more sexy, Oscar de La Renta might have you covered. The collection puts an emphasis on attractive shoes, slingbacks, ankle straps and much more.

If you like variety, then check out Marchesa’s collection. It features all types of high heels, from sensible, to the most daring. Every taste is covered.

And finally, if you were thinking that leather may take a break this year, you are far from right. Actually, leather is going even more daring as Chiara Boni’s collection is showing us.

The great thing about leather is that it works with all types of high heels. So you will be spoiled for choice while looking as glamorous as ever!

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