The top 6 mistakes when wearing high heels

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The top 5 mistakes when wearing high heelsSometimes our love of heels makes us do weird stuff. Ladies often make unintentional fashion mistakes including with their high heels. Some of these mistakes when wearing high heels are seen much more often than others.

There are different reasons for why this is happening. For example there are different undestandings in fashion from region to region. Where one thing is thought to be ultra trendy, it can be seen as seriously uncool in an other region. And sometimes ladies simply do not realize their fashion mistakes.

We could stay here forever looking at what are the reasons. Instead lets see the top six mistakes when wearing high heels. These are some of the most often seen no matter the region or place.

Leaving stickers and tags on

Most high heels have size stickes and other info at at their soles. Usually those are very easy to remove but some ladies keep forgetting that. It actually helps ruin the look of your otherwise gorgeous high heels. Especially when the stickers get all scuffed and dirty. Take a couple of minutes to remove those stickers and tags before you wear your heels for the first time.

Toe overhang

One of the most often seen mistakes when wearing high heels. This is all too common with high heeled sandals. Make a few steps and at least one of your toes sticks out from the sole. No, it is not “what just happens with sandals”. It meas you are not wearing your right size and it spoils the look of your feet completely. And it is uncomfortable for you. Go a size up.

Not wearing the right height

Looking at yourself in the mirror and you see that you look good with those sky high killer heels? Great. But is it so when you walk? If you bend your knees, wobble or feel difficulty walking in those shoes, they are not for you (yet). Nothing ruins the overall look of woman than incorrect posture and walk due to too high high heels. And a woman can be a real jaw dropper when she does know how to handle her heels.

Color mismatch

Generally it is good to be mixing up your colors a bit. But don’t go overboard. For example brown heels with a white outfit really is not sending the right message. The same goes for a black outfit with white heels or boots. A good rule of thumb is to pick colors that are of the same family. You can use a color wheel to better find suiting colors that can be matched.

Wrong time and place

You really, really love high heels. We get it. We do too. But this does not mean you should be wearing them all the time. Actually you shouldn’t if you want to give your heels the attention and reputation they deserve. For example fashion models might look good in heels and a swimsuit, but they do that only for photoshoots. Also do not put heels with baggy pants or sweat pants. Some see it as a altenative and brave fashion statement, but in reality it just looks out of place.

Following celebrities all the time

Granted, celebrities can often we seen wearing some amazing high heels. But celebrities are also prone to mistakes when wearing high heels. Keep in mind that they usually go overboard at special events. High heels are fashion and fashion is an art. So sometimes what looks great in a movie or a special event, it won’t quite look so amazing in the office or walking down the street. It is best to pick carefully and carve your own style and use the celebs as inspirations and ideas not as a rock-solid guidance.

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