The trends for Summer 2015 are shaping up

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The trends for Summer 2015 are shaping upSummer 2015 is fast approaching and some of the fashion trends are already shaping up. This includes the high heels, too. Lets see the trends for the summer.

It is a good time to say that these trends may not necessarily catch on. For example the chunky heels. Last year they tried to be a autumn and a winter trend, but never really caught on. Now they are back for another shot, this time as a summer trend.

They are also using the expectation that the 60s and 70s are going to be back in the world of high heels this year and are hoping this will help them attract the attention of ladies everywhere. For Summer 2015 the chunky heels come with low to no platform at all and are aiming for more of a mainstreem look with cleaned up lines and options.

Chunky heels are more suitable for casual everyday outfits. A good pairing for them are blue jeans. There are already quite a few such shoes out there, most going for unusual shapes and cut-outs and in various heel heights.

Sticking with the 70s, flare jeans. Fashion lover Liza Graves advices to show your feet or at least toes under the jeans to create a more sexy look and avoid the risk of making your legs looking like elephant legs.

White is another Summer 2015 trend. You can even pair it with the next trend – brown leather belts. Wearing white during the summer has an extra bonus of helping you avoid getting too warm which is guaranteed when you wear darker colors. Just remember to match the color of your underwear too, as you do not want it to be seen through your white outfit.

You can mix and match white clothes, too. For example white pants with a blue checkered shirt and brown high heels. Or a white dress with a brown belt and leopard print high heels.

Or how about a black dress paried with a longer white vest which is shaping up as another trend. Sleeveless of course. Give it a try. These are nifty trends that don’t require you to buy a whole new wardrobe and you can achieve great results by mixin up your current outfits.

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