The weirdest high heels of 2014

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Sometimes high heels go way out of line. Not with inches but with… design, if you can call it that. Here are the weirdest high heels of 2014 that Bustle has chosen.

And rightfully so. These high heels are cetainly weird and even crazy. There are some even crazier, like ones that are covered in human hair for example. They look so awful though we can’t bring ourselves to show them to you. Simply remember them as “icky” and lets move on.

Now, you may not always agree with the choices. And indeed, some might work given the right outfit and place. But overall they are not something you would see worn by women to work or even at most clubs. It is the time where art goes a bit over the top in the fashion world of high heels.

For example the shoes at the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. You can see most of them here.

Irregular Choice for example had another crazy idea. They took a pair of clear heels and made them not so transparent anymore. You can now find a little of everything on there. Including a polka dot bow, felt, dangling accessories and so on. The shoes are called Trinketina and cost 135 dollars.

The weirdest high heels of 2014
Image credit: IrregularChoice

Like figurines? How about include them in your high heels. This is again a brainchild of Irregular Choice. These are quite more expensive though. The Fawn includes a little baby deer figurine that looks a bit like Bambi and they cost 190 dollars.

Image credit: Irregular Choice

And this is the Uh Huh. The Elvis look-a-like figurine high heels are even more expensive at 260 dollars.

Image credit: Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice are on a roll and they have an even crazier design. Like the Pinky Perky. They cost 135 dollars and look like a fish.

Image credit: Irregular Choice

Or how about something more discreet. Like the You and Meow Forever Heel by Modcloth. They actually look rather decent. Or mabye “cute” is a better word.

Image creidt: Modcloth

Modcloth have some weirder designs too. Like the Jeffrey Campbell Window to Your Wonder Wedge. They cost 315 dollars and include something crazy in their transparent wedges. What is that? You decide. You can put a snak inside, pictures and etc. Everything that you can fit into the wedges.

Image credit: Modcloth

Charlotte Olympia on the other hand has some Nice Melons. No really. This is a pair of food-themed wedges that look like slices of melons. What else were you thinking?

Image credit:

There are many other crazy high heels, but these are the ones for this year only. Do these high heels seem weird to you or you totally see yourself in a pair of some of them? Let us know in the comments below.

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