Then and Now: Elizabeth Hurley’s timeless style from 2005 and 2017

Elizabeth Hurley is among the celebrities who have been on the top of their fashion game not for years, but for decades. And we have the proof to show it.

Elizabeth as always looked great and has had a great fashion sense. The 52-year-old British icon has a wide style range and is always quite fashionable.

She often rocks high heels, as well and prefers the classic, more simplistic shoes. And she knows how to make them add to her look.

For example, this outfit from April 2005. Liz Hurley is in London here at the Harrods department store.

She’s rocking a semi-see-through pink shirt and white fitted pants. The outfit is teamed with a pair of elegant, strapped silver heels.

Now, fast forward 12 years to October 2017. Liz is at the Extra TV show in LA. She is once again rocking a pink shirt, bit a more covered and elegant one.

This time Elizabeth opts for black fitted pants and black shoes. They are classic pumps, with sky high thin heels.

Right, now back to 2005 once again. Liz Hurley is arriving at Salvatore Ferragamo Dinner & Fashion Show at Italian Embassy in London in June.

She wears a stunning long white dress with a daring split at the front. Liz teams the dress with strapped silver high heels.

And now jumping back to October 2017. Liz Hurley is in LA at The New Century City Mall.

She rocks an elegant and fitted purple dress with a flower print on it. The elegant dress reaches to below the knees and is teamed with a pair of pink high heels.

So, 12 years apart, yet the styles are similar, timeless and look great at all times. That’s the mark of someone with great fashion sense.

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