These DIY BB-8 high heels are the ultimate for every Star Wars fan

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These DIY BB-8 high heels are the ultimate for every Star Wars fanAre you a big Star Wars fan? How about going to the cinema to see The Force Awakens in these DIY BB-8 high heels? Check them out!

If you want everybody to know how much of a Star Wars fan you are, but also want to look fashionable, then these are the high heels for you. What’s more, you can make them yourself! All you need is a pair of white pumps or stilettos you have laying around.

Then you should head over to the Instructables where you will find detailed instructions on how to turn those plain shoes into a pair of Galactic fashion items. You will see how to turn the actual heels of the shoes into two little BB-8 droids that actually can spin as you walk.

Don’t worry, there is actual high heel, too, and the toy simply rotates on the heel. You won’t slip or actually walk on the rotating bit.

Making them is not that difficult, but can be seen as a bit of a challenge for the unexperienced. Happily the How-to guide is quite detailed, so you should be fine. Also, check out a video of these bad boys in action:

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