These foldable high heels give you two pairs of shoes in one

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Image credit: SkyWalker
Image credit: SkyWalker

What if you love high heels but can’t wear them all day long? Carry a second pair of flat-ish shoes? No, simply fold the heels on your existing pair and continue with your day. Then when you need to be higher again simply fold the heels out and voila!

This is the concept of a group of Greek university students at the Democritus University of Thrace, the GreekReporter says. The students are majoring in Economics. Not the type of thing you would think about when you see a designer of high heels.

But that lets them see things in a bit different perspective. “Looking at the market and the daily lives of women, observing how they are engaged in various activities throughout the day, like going to work, for coffee or a drink, we came to the conclusion that they are in constant need of a shoe that can be “altered” on demand to meet their constantly changing needs during the day,” Loukas Karatides said to Athens Macedonian News Agency.

And SkyWalker was born. Currently a very small workshop in northen Greece, the company has big ambitions. This boot-shoe has a special mechanism that will convert a flat shoe into a high-heeled one and vice versa,” he said.  “Our main goal is to meet the needs of consumers who can do all their activities without having to change shoes during the day.”

SkyWalker is seeking partnerships with major shoe manufacturers to license the design. This would make it possible to have the foldable high heels come in various designs, shapes, sizes and prices.

The company is already working on improving the mechanism so that it can be applied to more types of shoes. The concept one turn into near complete flats. They still have a bit of a platform for the mechanism and a slot for the heels when folded. Having a bit of a raise is a good thing though. As you may remember completely flat shoes are even worse for you than high heels.

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