These little things can allow you to wear high heels in the grass and on grids

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These little things can allow you to wear high heels in the grass and on grids
Image credit: Stiloguard

Wearing high heels is amazing, but not without its fair share of challenges. One of them is rocking thin heels on grass, grids and such challenging surfaces.

But sometimes you just have to walk through such places and usually it’s not fun. There have been various products out there that are adding some much needed additional surface area to the tip of the heel.

This makes them much easier to walk in on grass, grids and other unstable surfaces. Now, there’s a new challenger on the block – Stiloguard High Heel Protectors.

They are simple heel protectors, shaped like little discs. They fit on most types of thin heels and stilettos (heel widths from 6mm – 14mm (up to 0.5-in) and add that much needed extra area to step on.

As a result, you can now walk on grass and such with ease. No longer will you dread fancy outdoor events. Now you will feel a lot more confident rocking your heels without the risk of sinking in or catching it on a gap.

The Protectors are small discs which almost no one will notice. Plus, they are incredibly easy to put on – simply place them on the ground and step on them with your heel. You will hear a click and then they are all set. You can also remove them at any moment if you so wish.

They come in black and clear which makes them easy to add to all styles of shoes. And they cost $10.99 for a set of two. An added bonus is that they also protect the tips from damage, so you get more out of your shoes, too.

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