These new shoes want to be the alternative to high heels

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These new shoes want to be the alternative to high heelsSo, you think high heels are a clichéd? According to Dutch shoe designer Marloes ten Bhömer they are, so he has made alternative high shoes.

If you also think that high heels, despite their countless shapes, sizes, fabrics, designs and so on, are dated and in desperate need of complete change, then here you are. Meet the Bluepanelshoe. It is a conceptual design, but you never know, the fashion world might like it.

The Bluepanelshoe is made out of a molded piece of leather which is then attached to a steel loop with then goes to a steel panel, also wrapped in leather, Dezeen reports. The shoe was developed after research carried out by Ten Bhömer during a fellowship at the Stanley Picker Gallery at Kingston University, in London.

After carrying out anatomic and movement studies, Ten Bhömer designed a series of 17 hypothetical high heels, each one created as a representation of foot-to-ground contact points, or “constellations” as he calls them.

Bluepanel shoes

The Bluepanelshoe takes into account the way high heels strike the lateral side of the foot to propel the wearer forward. “The resulting heel design derived from these parameters would make the foot prone to eversion and inversion. In order to negate this motion a ring-shaped constellation of contact is placed around the foot. This new set of parameters, which shirk fashion trends, allows for new shoe typologies which defy cultural stigmas that too often lead to the stereotyping of women”, he says.

Bluepanel high heel alternatives

Would that actually happen? Will the fashion world go crazy over various types of high shoes? As much as fashion loves the unusual it is also somewhat conservative and doesn’t easily allow something radically different to take the main spot. Sure, it will work fine for runways, but would you be seeing women actually going to clubs, parties or even to work in such shoes?

Most likely not, since there is one simple reason why high heels are so beloved – they make the wear look and feel even more feminine, sexy, attractive, confident, even powerful. Walking with a steel plate on the side of your foot somehow doesn’t bring these feelings.

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