These smart high heels change to match your outfit

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Image credit: iShüu Technologies

Can’t decide which pair of high heels to put on? How about the smart high heels from iShüu Technologies which can change their style to match your outfit?

How is that even possible? In the shoe’s upper there is an integrated flexible e-ink display. This can be customised with lots of different patterns which should match your outfit. The high heels, which are called Volvorii Timeless feature peep-toes and are to be offered with two heel heights – 11.4 cm and 8.5 cm.

Both models will have a 2.5 cm hidden platform at the toes. This one is needed for more than just comfort as inside there is a Bluetooth receiver. It allows you do connect to the shoes via your smartphone for example and choose a pattern for the e-ink displays.

The Volvorii Timeless are made mainly out of leather, so they will be nice and comfy. The e-ink displays are embeded in the leather and sealed just in case. There is also some rubber for the soles.

Image credit: iShüu Technologies

The shoes have a build in battery that can be charged via a wireless charging station (so no ugly ports on the shoes, yay). Two hours are needed for a full charge and it will last anywhere between two and six months depending on the usage. Naturally these are shoes that you don’t want to get wet.

Imagine the wows you will get if you start changing the style of your shoes on the go. Currently the company that develops the Volvorii Timeless is gathering funds via an Indiegogo campaign. It’s needing 50 000 dollars and it is planning to e ready with the shoes by the end of the year.

The retail price is expected to be 250 dollars although that is not final as of yet. They will be offered in black or white. There are also extra “anchors” that you can place on the top of the toes and ot the back of the shoes. They will allow you to attach extra real accessories like bows, flowers, even an ankle strap for extra comfort.

Image credit: iShüu Technologies

There is another option for developers. If the shoes catch on, the company is planning to add sensors to them so that you can track your condition. The company though stresses that this will only be a personalisation option and it will not be features on the production shoes. “Our goal is not tracking you or anything about you. We want you to enjoy looking good”, they say. And we fully agree with that.

The whole idea of the Volvorii Timeless is that – to be timeless. With so much personalisation options it would be really difficult not to have a perfectly matching pair of high heels for any outfit.

The company has already made a working prototype of the high heels. You can see it in action in the video below.

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