These Star Wars high heels are perfect for the geek in you

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Irregular Choice R2 D2 high heelsStar Wars The Force Awakens is not even out yet, but fans all over the world are going crazy for themed merchandise. For example these unique high heels.

The high heels are made by Irregular Choice. They feature several different pairs with unique design inspired by the movie’s most famous characters and items.

So for example, you will be able to rock blue high heels with R2-D2 as the heel itself. Or you can put on a pair of sky high platforms where the heels are a lightsaber and yes, it lights up and even has sound effects. The shoes are called R2-D2 heels and Skywalker respectively. Granted, they might not be for every day, but you will absolutely rock the cinema if you go to see the movie in these beauties.

There are other pairs of themed Star Wars high heels in the works, too. There will be a pair after Darth Vader, one after Yoda and of course Stormtroopers. The design studio is already working on even more shoes with favorite franchise characters. Would that mean we can expect a BB-8 themed shoes with round heels? We can’t wait to find out.


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