These super hot high heels glow in the dark

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High heels are a great way to stand out from the rest. But there are heels and heels. The Loriblu Selene high heels are so glamorous they glow in the dark.

The Loriblu Selene heels will truly make you stand out everywhere you go. They are using Loriblu’s patented optical fiber tech.

The optical fiber is glowing at your command. You have the option to turn it off at any point. In this case you end up with stylish high heels with silver stripes around them. They look quite good.

When you want to lit the room up, quite literally, simply turn the glow on. The heels are quite high and in a classic pump style. We really like them.

Sadly, they come at a price. It’s $3500 for a pair. That’s quite a lot, but then again, it’s a lot of shoe. “The idea was mine. I was inspired by the dress of Claire Danes by Zac Posen worn during the Met Gala 2016 in New York. I completely fell in love with and wanted to reproduce this magic on a shoe”, says Graziano Cuccu, founder of Loriblu to Forbes.

“The designers have created a space under the sole of the foot to keep the comfort for the woman who wears this pump. By the way, water doesn’t damage the optical fiber and the battery, once exhausted, can simply be replaced free of charge like a normal watch battery”, Cuccu says.

Selene shoes are only produced upon request. They are not limited, but you can be sure they will be very exclusive.

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