This 96-year-old lady says high heels are her secret to longevity

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This 96-year-old lady says high heels are her secret to longevityWhen you get to a certain age, people all the time ask you what’s your secret to longevity. For the 96-year-old Honey Kimball, that answer is – high heels.

Recently she got a profile on which showed more of her and her cheerful spirit. Honey says she has only been in a hospital for the births of her children and once for a broken arm.

She rarely got sick and is always healthy, energetic and just happy. Even today she still feels young and dresses up all the time.

And despite the fact she has to use a walker, she still rocks high heels, makeup and earrings. “Every day, I get up, do my makeup, and put on something nice in case one of my girls stops by and says, ‘let’s go out,’” she told “I certainly don’t feel 96. When I say ’96,’ it sounds like I’m talking about someone else.”

Of course, the point is not exactly wear high heels every day and you will live long. The point is if high heels make you happy and you feel good wearing them, then wear them. That’s all. The simple and small things in life, like a pair of shoes or a smile from a loved one, often are what actually brightens up our days.

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