This lady wants to set a World Record for fastest skating backwards… in high heels

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This lady wants to set a World Record for fastest skating backwards... in high heels
Image credit: CBC / YouTube

Is there anything you can’t do while wearing high heels? Well, that depends on the wearer. For this lady it seems nothing is impossible.

23-old Bianca Rossini for example has a very interesting goal. She wants to set a World Record for roller skating backwards… while wearing high heels, CBC reports.

She made her first attempt earlier this week at the McGill’s Percival Molson Memorial Stadium in Montreal. She wants to skate 100 meters in less than 30 seconds.

And Bianca isn’t just wearing a 2 or 3 inch chunky kitten heel. No, no. She’s rocking a pair of stunning high heeled booties with about 5 inch heels and s small hidden platform.

The booties are lace-ups with the heels at the very back of the shoes. You can tell Bianca has chosen them very carefully. All these details are very important for the balance.

Bianca is a circus performer, so she’s in ideal shape and condition to pull off the record. On her first attempt she was just 2 seconds or so above her target. Considering, this would be the first ever World Record of this kind, Bianca could submit that result and get the win.

But she wants to get below her own 30 second time goal. During her first run the conditions weren’t ideal, so now she plans to wait for a bit better weather and do another attempt.


Considering that a lot of people can’t run 100 meters in 30 seconds even with normal shoes and running forward, Bianca is already a winner in our book.

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