Three daring celebrities in thigh high boots from the past week

Thigh high boots can be quite versatile. They are usually associated with a very specific type of style, but they can do a lot more. Although they are always quite daring as our three stunning celebrities showed us.

Thigh high boots certainly do have a lot of eye-catching potential. They can make or break an outfit depending on how they are worn, combined and even walked.

When done right, thigh boots certainly make a lasting impression. For example, Elsa Hosk and her casual, but daring out and about style from last week.

Elsa was in Soho looking both elegant, casual, but also very, very confident and provocative. Hosk rocked a classic brown blazer which was also acting as her main outfit and dress. She added a wide black leather belt to it to accent her waistline.

Elsa felt like this outfit needs more punch. So, she added a pair of black leather thigh high boots. They were with a looser fit and featured pointed toes, but lower, cone-shaped heels. This way the boots looked both daring, elegant and casual at the same time.

Elsa looked quite glamorous and confident, letting her hair loose and rocking a pair of sunglasses. She looked stunning.

Another daring and stunning celebrity in thigh boots from the past week was Iggy Azalea. She was at a preGrammys party in New York.

Iggy was as daring as possible for her look. She rocked a lace bra and a tie-lace-mesh top which she teamed with an elegant black coat.

Iggy also rocked a wrap-around asymmetric leather skirt. It was a short skirt with a pleated side and a classic pencil skirt style on the other side.

Iggy added a pair of back suede thigh boots to complete her outfit. The boots featured a series of clips and side zippers. Iggy also rocked her hair loose and opted for heavier makeup. As you can imagine, she looked quite confident.

Ciara was also at ha preGrammy party in New York. But it was a different one. For it the singer also opted for a pair of stunning boots for her look.

The main part of Ciara’s outfit was a classic little black dress along with a biker jacket. Ever the unique one, Ciara rocked the jacket with slouched shoulders.

Ciara’s boots were the main event, though. They were black patent thigh high boots with several metal buckles on them. The boots featured thin heels and looked quite impressive.

Ciara completed her style by leaving her hair long and loose. She opted for accenting makeup and looked absolutely stunning.

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