Three elegant celebrities in high heels and boots from the past week

It was a busy week for celebrities everywhere. Ant some of them rocked some quite elegant and stylish outfits for various events. We’ve picked three great ones including Margot Robbie, Pamela Anderson and Penelope Cruz.

All three of them had big events and opted for elegant outfits for the occasions. All three impressed with their choices even if two of them were a bit unusual.

For example, Margot Robbie’s outfit. She rocked an elegant long floral dress for the Los Angeles premiere of Peter Rabbit.

Margot opted for a stylish, layered dress with a floral print all over it. It was a shoulder-less style with two tin straps for the shoulders. The dress was also slightly asymmetric at the lower end, showing off Margot’s feet from the front.

Robbie opted for a pair of elegant ankle-strapped silver high heels. The shoes were simple and a classic style which completed the look and did not distract.

Robbie rocked a crystal-studded purse, styled like a rabbit and kept her hair in a bun. A dash of accenting makeup and lipstick completed her look.

Meanwhile, Pamela Anderson was all the way around the globe in Paris. She was at the 25th Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show.

Pamela surprised with a casual, but stylish look and almost a no-makeup style. Anderson rocked a simple turtle-neck sweater along with an A-line style mini skirt.

Pamela then decided she has to add some extra sparkle and hotness. So, she opted for a pair of elegant and cool suede thigh high boots. They had leather toes and half-metal heels. Then they were black suede and matched the overall outfit of Pamela quite well.

Anderson kept her hair loose, but styled to the back and held in place with a decorative flower. She opted for an interesting combination of almost no makeup at all, apart from a dash of eyeliner. It was definitely quite the departure from her earlier style especially when you look at her from the Baywatch promo in the background. Still, Anderson looked great – stylish and elegant.

Finally, Penelope Cruz who wowed at the Goya Cinema Awards 2018 at Madrid Marriott Auditorium. Penelope wowed in a stunning long white dress with silver chains and stones. The accents were covering the shoulders, the entire back of the dress and the waist at the sides.

Penelope continued the silver style with her footwear, too. She rocked a pair of elegant silver ankle-strapped high heels. The shoes had a small platform at the toes and thin high heels.

Penelope left her hair loose and styled in curls with volume. She rocked several silver jewels, ear rings and smoked bronze eyes and lipstick.

Her red nail polish added sine extra color to the supremely stylish outfit and overall look of Penelope. Definitely one for the A+ column.

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