Three simple high heel hacks

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Three simple high heel hacks
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Want to make your life with high heels that little bit better? Want to deal with small shoe issues? Here a three high heel hacks that should help you out.

For example you are going to have a long day walking in ankle strapped high heels or pumps. warm weather and long walks can make your feet sweat. Depending on the fabric used that can cause you to slip in your shoes and the results of that will be painful at the least.

So how to deal with that? Simply spray your feet with your deodorant as long as it is one that prevents sweating. This should be more than enough to ensure that your feet will be moisture free and won’t slip in your high heels.

Sometimes, no matter how much you take care, your shoes will develop an odor that you and everyone around would prefer if it wasn’t there. You don’t need fancy aerosols or other products to remove shoe odor. All you need to do is save a couple of used tea bags and let them dry in the air. Then place them in your shoes for 24 hours and the odor should be gone.

Meghan Cleary, author of the book Shoe Are You? has another nifty trick that can give you up to four extra hours of pain-free high heel walking. First run your feet under cool water for a minute or so. Then dry them with a towel but leave a little moisture on the feet. While they are still damp, gently rub a little hand lotion on them. According to Cleary this will make your feel moisturized enough to prevent blisters and scuffs from tight shoes.

Need more high heel hacks? We have a few more to share with you. Check them out. And if you have more interesting tips, be sure to share them with us in the comments below.

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