Three stunning elegant celebrities in leather and high heels from the past week

Leather continues to be one of the main fashion choices for many ladies. It’s also quite popular during the Paris Fashion Week where we could see it a lot.

The Paris Fashion Week – Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2018-2019 was filled with various events. Many of the guests opted for leather in their outfits and some were quite interesting.

One of them was Mackenzie Foy. She was at the Vogue Foundation Dinner Photocall and opted for an interesting stylish ouftit.

It featured an elegant, fitted top with buttons on the front which was tucked into a black leather miniskirt. It wasn’t just your typical leather miniskirt, too. It featured two peplum layers of fringe leather.

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Mackenzie teamed the look with a pair of strapped black high heels. A small purse completed her look along with a ponytail hairstyle and a dash of makeup.

Grace Elizabeth was also at the same event. She opted for a shiny black PVC suit with a white shirt.

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The daring, but also elegant outfit looked quite good. Grace teamed it with a pair of classic black high heels.

She kept her hair loose and straight. A dash of makeup completed her business look which was also quite brave.

Last, but not least, is Anna Hiltrop. She was in Berlin for the Grazia Pink Hour event. Anna opted for quite the interesting outfit.

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She rocked a yellow jacket which was slouched behind the shoulder and teamed with a loose white shirt. The shirt was tucked into a yellow leather miniskirt.

Anna teamed the daring skirt with a pair of equally daring high heels. They were red, lace-ups with peep-toes and very thin high heels.

Anna completed her look with a matching red purse and a ponytail hairstyle along with accenting red lipstick. Quite the eye-grabber of a look!

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