Three stylish celebrities in heels from the week – Dakota Fanning, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Paris Hilton

As we said previously, this week was quite busy for celebrities. And we were spoiled for choice with so many great outfits and styles. So, here are another three very elegant celebs in high heels from the week.

They are Dakota Fanning, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Paris Hilton. Interestingly enough, all three rocked their great outfits in the same day.

Dakota Fanning was at Build Series in New York. She looked very elegant in a thick white winter coat which she rocked unbuttoned.

Underneath Dakota opted for a short burgundy dress and that’s about it. She added some extra casual points to her look with her footwear.

Dakota rocked a pair of platform high heels in a mod style. They had blocky heels with ankle-straps and a flower print on them. She handled the shoes with ease.

Dakota also rocked a pair of transparent glasses and a few jewels. She kept her hair straight and loose and opted for an almost no-makeup look. Very simple, yet elegant outfit and look for Dakota.

Catherine Zeta-Jones also was in New York that day. She was at SiriusXM studios and wowed in a simple and elegant outfit.

Catherine also rocked a winter coat. Her coat was black and well fitted and buttoned-up. Catherine rocked a blue knee-length skirt which she teamed with a pair of elegant Louboutin high heels. They were grey and in a classic pump style.

Catherine also rocked a pair of big glasses, in her case – sunglasses with a black frame. She also kept her hair loose but with slight curls and a toned lipstick.

Finally, Paris Hilton. She was in Beverly Hills where it was much warmer. Paris took full advantage of this for her outfit.

She rocked a black sheer shirt with white flowers on it. The shirt revealed her black bra. But that wasn’t daring enough for Paris.

So, she also added a flared black leather miniskirt and fishnet stockings. She completed her outfit with a pair of knitted high heeled booties.

Paris also kept the trend of big sunglasses. And she also kept her hair loose, which she teamed with an almost no-makeup look. Quite a daring style, yet somehow, elegant, too.

As a result Paris was oozing confidence as she walked from her car. Deservedly so, we think.

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