Three tips to improve the comfort of your high heels

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Three tips to improve the comfort of your high heelsIs there a secret to wearing high heels comfortably for a long period of time? Yes. There are several, actually. And some aren’t that exciting.

Some of them are obvious like pick the right shoes, for example. And be in good condition. But that’s a bit bland, right?

Well, there are some actionable tips you can start doing right now in order to improve the comfort of your high heels. These tips come from Nurse Barb Dehn who recently showed Malou Nubla and California Live what to do.

She has three tips which we have already covered here before. But now they are basically confirmed by a nurse that they work. That is, if you don’t take our word for it, as we’ve also been using them for a long time.

Add insoles to the shoes

There is a very wide variety of insoles for high heels out there. Some are very elegant and stylish. Others are made with special orthopedic goals in might. Some add extra comfort with gel paddings, others use foam or cotton.

The point is, you have a lot of ways to make your shoes softer more comfortable and supporting for the foot arch. “When you are wearing high heels, all of the pressure and all of the weight is on the ball of your foot,” said Dehn. “So when you are getting an insole, you want to have something that goes for your arches, because arches just aren’t for eyebrows.”

Stretching and breaking in your shoes

While it’s tempting to buy a new pair of hot high heels and wear them for a night out, don’t. Plan ahead, so that you have enough time to wear the shoes at home a bit to break them in or even to stretch them. This will make them a lot more comfortable for long wearing.

“When you are making a decision about your foot, you are saying to yourself how much pain do I want to endure,” said Dehn. “It’s really hard to concentrate on what you are doing, so its important to take care of your feet.”

Take good care of your feet

After a long way in heels you should take care of your feet a bit. There are plenty of ways you can do that. Starting from gentle massaging by rolling a tennis ball with them to some more SPA-like treatments. This will do wonders to relax your feet and strengthen them for the next day.

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