Three ways to rock the summer casual style in high heels

The summer is ramping up and we’re about to be in its peak in August. So, here are a few ideas on how to rock a casual, but glamorous summer style in heels.

We have three great examples thanks to three great celebrities. They all had some superb fashion choices over the past a couple of days.

So, here are three different styles which you can employ to look as glamorous as ever during the hot summer days. And evenings, too.

We begin with Lucy Mecklenburgh. The British actress was at the egaliTEE launch in London and opted for a casual street style classic outfit with a twist.

Lucy rocked a black leather biker jacket paired with a sporty white T-shirt. She tucked the shirt into a classic A-line denim skirt. The skirt had a high waist and reached to the knees. It also featured several buttons at the front.

Lucy then added a pair of shiny silver high heels for some extra glamour to her look. The heels finished off the casual, but elegant look which she further accented with aviator sunglasses and accenting makeup.

Want to be a bit more provocative? Then how about this one. Ashley James was at the same event. She also opted for a sporty white T-shirt which she rolled up at the waist.

Ashley though teamed the shirt with a fitted black leather skirt. It was a classic mini skirt style but the front was covered with studded rocks.

Ashley added even more provocativeness to her look with a pair of black Louboutin high heels. They were extremely high and with very thin heels, but that wasn’t a problem for Ashley. If anything she seemed even more confident and empowered. She also opted for a loose hairstyle and a dash of accenting makeup.

Or maybe you need something more casual? Then how about a simple summer dress with a flower print? Lily Collins rocked just that type of an outfit yesterday in New York.

Granted, her choice was a bit more daring with cutout panels and a matching jacket which she threw on her shoulders. The dress was quite short with a pleated A-line skirt which is a great casual, but attractive style.

And you can always make it even more daring with a pair of stunning high heels. This is exactly what Lily did by opting for a pair of towering platform high heels. They had some very high platforms and pin-like thin heels which she managed with ease.

Lily opted to keep her hair in a pony tail and rocked just a dash of makeup for an elegant look. And there you have it. Three impressive ways to rock the summer casual style in high heels.

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