Tinashe is sizzling in bikini and high heels for a Galore Magazine photoshoot

There’s smoking hot and then there’s this. Tinashe wowed us in her new stunning photoshoot for the summer edition of Galore Magazine.

If you want to be properly impressed, then look no further. Tinashe looks perfect in the photoshoot for Galore.

Yes, yes, we know that special photoshoots use special lighting, filters and so on. But they can only accent the features, they can’t create them.

So, you know, when you see these pics, they are so incredible, mostly due to Tinashe herself. The setting for them is really simple.

Tinashe is in the hills above LA in a stunning pool. She wears bikini and a pair of stunning golden high heels. She poses with LA in the background.

There’s also a pic of her resting in what appears to be her own Ferrari, showing off her high heels. In all of the photos Tinashe has her hair loose for an even more incredible look.

We can’t really say much else. The pics do the talking quite well. Tinashe is looking as perfect as ever.

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