Top 10 celebrities in thigh high boots

Thigh high boots are the ultimate footwear. They can look really impressive when worn properly. Celebrities love to wear them and we love to see them in thigh boots.

Throughout the years thigh high boots have slowly become mainstream. You can now see them worn by women even daily. Nothing bad about that. But if you still need inspiration or simply want to enjoy them a little bit more, then check out our selection of celebrities in thigh high boots.

Top 10 celebrities in thigh high boots

We really like Adriana Lima. The Victoria’s Secret’s angel rarely wears boots, especially thigh highs, but when she does, she steals the show. It’s a special sight and occasion.

Anne Hathaway on the other hand is no stranger to thigh high boots. After all she wore a stunning pair of them in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. And she also has a few nice pictures in thigh highs like this one:

riana Grande is getting up in the ranks of stardom and often does the climbing in a pair of boots. Most of the time they are knee highs, but sometimes she opts for thigh high boots as well. And those are the times she really shines.

arbara Palvin is another special kind of an angel. When she wears tigh highs she makes sure the attention is on her.

Emma Roberts also knows how to attract attention. She’s another celebrity that we would like to see wear thigh high boots more often.

Emmy Rossum on the other hand wears boots somewhat often. Most of her pairs though are knee high or even calf high with low heels. In thigh highs she looks especially loverly, we think.

Hilary Duff is a known boots fan. She has been seen in all kinds of boots, but also saves the thigh highs for special occasions. We need more.

Lily Collins is a prime example of how a pair of stylish and sexy thigh high boots can make an already beautiful woman irresistible on a whole new level.

Nicole Scherzinger on the other hand is famous for her appreciations of really high boots. She wears them on stage quite often.

But she is also not afraid of wearing them on her free time as well. And she knows how to wear them, no doubt.

Rita Ora on the other hand is famous for her wacky taste in clothes. She is often seen in latex, leather, weird heels and anything else you can think of. So seeing her in brave, rough thigh high boots like those is no surprise:

But she can also look very official and stylish. Boots included:

Those are our top 10 celebrities in thigh high boots. The list is always open and moving though. So as long as celebs keep wearing thigh high boots, they can turn up on here. So look forward for future updates.

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